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Updating your profile



Greetings to all UNITEN Alumni…..

It is no easy task tracking all of you after graduation and hope this announcement will bring back fond memories of your campus days with your friends. We have done some enhancements to our portal (more to be done in stages) and appreciate your assistance in updating your profile in our portal. 

You are all our Ambassadors and our walking success stories. We welcome stories from your journey through student life to where you are now, the laughter and the tears, your parents’ sacrifice and support, your lecturers, places you frequently “lepak” for revising exam notes or discussing assignments.  UNITEN will always have a special place in your heart no matter where you are.

Don’t forget to register yourself in our portal. Just email us your IC /Passport Number and you will be able to join the rest of the Alumni community. For those who are already in our database, kindly update your profile. We have also included an “interest” category for you to receive emails from us, so just click at your favorite choices. You can also upload your profile photo. Join us also in FB to keep in touch of the latest happenings.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. All the best in your endeavors!!!!!

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Created at 7/25/2011 3:05 PM by Jacinta Phillips
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