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Welcome to the Sponsorship, Career & Alumni Centre

UNITEN Sponsorship, Career & Alumni Centre (SCA) begin its journey as the Alumni Relations Centre (ARC) in April 2007 to connect our alumni to their alma mater. The Career Unit and later the Sponsorship Unit joined the Centre to undertake new responsibilities related to student services and was known as the Alumni, Career & Sponsorship Centre. In order to reflect the continuity and sequence of a newly registered student until their exit as a graduate, the Centre went through a rebranding. Hence, it is now known as the Sponsorship, Career & Alumni Centre or fondly as SCA.

The 3 units under this Centre play a significant role in a student’s life. The Sponsorship Unit strives to facilitate and assist students who need financial assistance to pay for their tuition fees and cost of living during their study at UNITEN. The unit’s main objective is to ensure that all eligible students who require financial assistance receive a study loan. The Unit had and is continuously working on building relationships with employers to sponsor UNITEN students. Some of our major sponsors are Yayasan Tenaga Nasional (YTN), PTPTN, JPA, Yayasan Khazanah, Segari Energy Ventures, Genting Sanyen and many others.

During their study at UNITEN, the Career Unit plays their role to facilitate and assist students and alumnus to be employed and become self-employed upon graduation. An annual UNITEN Career Carnival is conducted to secure students with soft skills by conducting & coordinating career development seminars, workshops and programs such as resume writing, preparations for job interviews, mock interview workshop, walk in interview, career forum, career fair, etc. The unit has collaboration with government agencies such as Ministry of Human Resources (MOHR), multinational companies and recruitment agencies such as Jobstreet.com and JobCentral to set up job portals and to provide more job opportunities to UNITEN graduates.

Upon student’s graduation, we at UNITEN ensure we provide continuous service to our alumnus. The Alumni Unit at SCA strives to build lifelong relationship between alumni, students and UNITEN. It develops and maintains a database of UNITEN alumni and is always in regular communications with our alumnus through e-mails, UNITEN alumni portal, Facebook and visits. The Unit not only identifies and coordinates various activities involving the alumnus but it also oversees and takes active role in the progress of the UNITEN Alumni Association.

The Sponsorship, Career & Alumni Centre or SCA is ready to assist our customers from entry to exit. We take pride in offering great services and assistance. We also strive to be a strategic Centre at Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) to serve both students and alumnus.

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