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Services & Activities


Students / Alumni

At the UNITEN careers unit,  it is all about how we can help our students & Alumni to upgrade their skills and prepare them to be market ready prior to completion of their studies.  

How we help our Final Year Students

- We help our final year students in obtaining employment after completion of their

studies in this university.The unit also works on creating and maintaining a network with companies in order to promote our students.

- We put in extra effort in organizing self-improvement programs to prepare them to face the challenges in the future.  

- We provide handouts, leaflets, pamphlets on
interview skills, resume writing tips and job application procedures

How we help our Alumni

- We work closely with graduates by assisting them to prepare a good resume and provide tips on attending an interview. 

- We conduct Mock Interview sessions to ensure our graduates are well prepared and confident to attend an interview.

- We assist the graduates with working experience in obtaining better & higher level positions. We work closely with organizations and employment agents to seek higher level positions for experienced professionals. 

- We work closely with recruitment agencies to post current job vacancies on our website for alumni to apply.  

- We constantly send mails on trainings & other personal development programs for alumni to upgrade their skills.